Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

so i finally got time to post what i did the last days. there was that concert thing at brandenburger tor. i think it was the coke soundwave. but i'm not that sure anymore.haha. you guys know what happens if the sun shines bright and you drink so...for some reason i had something written on my arm and neck. weird...so back to the plot. me and a really close friend went there. the weather was perfect and the guys around were just great. we crossed holocaust where we took awesome pictures. trust me, the light is so pretty out there. i'm just sad all the time that i live so in spandau and i think about moving into my own place with a friend really soon. what do you think about that? right now i feel like moving out. so i need to talk to my parents. yesterday i was a ostbahnhof for that huuuuge market thing and it was just perfekt cause i also went to habibi where you can get the best falafel for sure. its just awesome and busy all the time. all i need after eating lunch at habibi is chilling outside what i actually did. soo some great days passed by and i'm so glad that i have fall break.